Books by Chance sells used books, CDs, and DVDs on consignment for clients in the Ann Arbor area.

Photo of books.
  1. You box/bag your items following our guidelines.
  2. You complete a contract/consignment agreement.
  3. You drop them off or arrange for pick-up.
  4. We find what is worth selling, and e-mail you a report.
  5. We donate the rest for you, or you pick them up.
  6. We mail you a check and report, as often as monthly.
Before you call to schedule a pick-up or take items to our drop-off location, it is important that you review our guidelines for what works best.

What to expect.

  • Expect extra-friendly, efficient, and professional service.
  • Expect some surprises, both ways, about what your items are worth.
  • Expect to be impressed by how fast we sell your books.
  • Expect a different, fun, and interesting selling experience.
  • Expect detailed reporting of every book selected, rejected, and sold.
  • Expect to tell your friends!

What do you get?

  • Free pick-up of your books, CDs, and DVDs within Ann Arbor city limits, or convenient drop-off.
  • We find what is worth selling.
  • We can donate to charity what isn't, and you get the receipt.
  • The more your items are worth the more you make.
  • No membership or listing fees. When something sells, we both make money.
  • Your things find new homes all over the world. And we even tell you where!
  • Our awesome pricing system keeps your things competitively priced.
  • Our incredible seller rating means higher prices and faster selling.
  • No hassle online selling. We list, store, package, and ship! Customer service too!
  • The option to direct a portion of your earnings to charity.
  • Detailed reporting of every item refused, listed and sold.
  • Fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations and schools.
  • 35% of the sale proceeds. Proceeds are the sale price less 15% online marketplace fees (e.g. Amazon).

What don't we do?

  • Provide containers and/or fill containers.
  • Haul containers up or down stairs. A half-flight here and there is OK, as are porch steps, etc.

Other Options

  • Donate! We work with a number of organizations in the community. Some have ongoing book drives. Learn more on our fundraising page.

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